About us


Welcome to Wabiness, the first international network for referrals and business development. This platform was designed to exchange information, ideas, contacts, and specifically to do business. With Wabiness, give your company, products, and know-how an international showcase. You can sell, buy, look for financial, commercial, industrial partners, find intermediaries and most of all, conduct business. Wabiness offers a new approach to business development to better serve companies and people.

Our ambition: democratizing referrals and business development and turning it into a complementary commercial approach for companies worldwide.
Intermediaries and referrals has always existed, but Wabiness is the one stop shop converging existing businesses and intermediaries already using it and creating new enthusiasts by making it accessible and available to all.

Inspired by two business owners looking to develop their own activity without the traditional restraints of sales employees or independent sales agents, business referral appeared as the best solution. After extensive deceiving research to find a website responding to their expectations, they came up with the goal to create this platform, the first international network for referrals and business development

Wabiness' clients include small & medium businesses, multinationals and independents in all business sectors. We wish to turn Wabiness into the go to destination for those who wish to use referrals and business development as a mean of development. Because everyone is a potential intermediary, Wabiness members come from all horizons. They're professionals, students, seniors, unemployed...and have one objective, to bring new business opportunities to all our member companies and raise their revenues thanks to their ideas, skills, and network.

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